Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Beginning....

Here it is, my new blog. I never had the desire to start a blog until I got engaged this past Christmas to the love of my life. I was so excited to start planning our wedding but I had no idea where to start. 

After scouring the web for all things wedding I came across endless inspirational blogs. I have seen so much prettiness from all these various blogs in the last couple months that I felt I needed some sort of outlet or I was going to explode. Not only would I explode but all the countless hours I have spent gathering inspiration, beautiful photos, wish lists and ideas would seem so useless without a common place to put them all. 

I have never been a girl who kept a diary (too incriminating) but I've always loved the idea and I think a blog is the perfect version of a modern diary. My modern diary. That being said, welcome to The Juliet Notes (even though I may be the only reader).

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