Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marvelous Marvimon...

This is my little tribute to Marvimon. It is this little gem of a venue I discovered on my tireless search for the perfect place to get married. Located in downtown LA, Marvimon was originally bought in 1924 by an Italian race car driver as one of LA's first automobile showrooms. Now it is one of the coolest lofts EVER. 

Marvimon has a beautiful backyard with a vertical garden - the perfect backdrop for a ceremony. The loft itself feels so warm and inviting. It is has so much character and charm, you really don't need to add anything to it. I would even skip flower centerpieces and just go for candles for a moody romantic effect. Truly one of the best places to have a unique wedding. I am in love with it.

So dreamy.

The only drawback, it ain't cheap. $6,000 for a Saturday wedding of up to 150 guests. On top of that there is a janitorial/trash fee of $350, site management and concierge which runs about $700-$800 and finally valet parking which is $10-$15 per car. If you get married on a Sunday it's $3500 for up to 50 guests, $4000 for up to 75 guests, $4500 for up to 100 guests and $5000 for up to 150 guest. Along with the additional fees mentioned above. Then you have to bring in catering, rent a few additional tables, linens, a bartender, alcohol, etc. (not to mention candles, a few flowers, wedding cake, photographer, wedding attire and wedding rings). You can see how it can all add up.  

Maybe we could have a potluck wedding. Or I could just instruct our wedding guests to have a big meal before the ceremony and bring snacks with them. That way we could bypass catering all together!! No?

Compared to some other venues I was checking out early on, Marvimon seemed a bit more reasonable. Mostly because we would have a super small Sunday wedding. I could easily convince myself... all that charm, all that character, all the beautiful pictures we would have, all for only $4500? Such a steal. It's just so chic... if any place was worth the money, it's Marvimon. I'm quite smitten if you couldn't tell. Yeah, I know, so much for a City Hall wedding. Marvimon takes all my dreams of having a cheap wedding and flushes them down the toilet.

Maybe my love for Marvimon will be like a summer fling... as soon as the infatuation fades I will be able to see it's flaws more clearly, realize it wasn't really true love and move on.  Then again, maybe Marvimon is THE ONE. I guess only time will tell. 


  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting Perfect Bound. I love that Carolina Herrera gown in the third set of photos. Such a pretty venue but yes, the price tag is steep!

  2. I am soo glad you did that thing that no one ever does - you disclosed the pricing!!!! I have seen a few pictures of this place around the wedding blogs and I always wondered what it cost. it's so so beautiful.
    the budget weddings are always in someone's backyard. well, I didn't have a big enough backyard and I imagine most of us city-dwellers don't.
    sunday is always a good option, I got married on a sunday and it's much cheaper. and then if you want you can have a picnic the day before, see some of your guests, etc. (of course I never did these things but in hindsight I might have.

  3. Ah, yes...if I had a backyard everything would be so easy!! A sweet backyard wedding. Sigh. Thanks for visiting my blog ladies!!


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