Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple & Chic at City Hall...

The more I plan our wedding the more I realize just how complicated the whole process can be. Not to mention expensive. The wedding industry is massive. The more I see the more I realize, for the most part, how corrupt it is (then again what industry isn't?). They will insist you need things that you don't, try to get you to want things you didn't even know existed and take all your money in the process (or worse, leave you with a mountain of debt).

A budget wedding is considered to be $15,000 for 75 people. $15,000!!!!!!! FOR ONE DAY!!!  I could travel to some amazing places for $15,000. Or buy a car. Or a Hermes Birkin bag. So it really makes me ask, is it all worth it?

After reading this at Meg's great blog called A Practical Wedding it really made me think.

I think there is something really sweet and amazing about exchanging wedding vows in a super intimate ceremony without all the extras. Making the union the focus and sharing it with the people who mean the most to you. After all, you'll only wear your wedding dress once, flowers die (do guests really care about the flowers anyway?), most wedding favors get tossed in the trash and no one will remember if they sat on fancy chairs or not.

I'm discovering that it's about finding what's most important to you as a couple. Your wedding day is a very important day, but it's just a day in the end. A marriage is a lifetime (hopefully). Plan accordingly.

I felt inspired by this couple's chic City Hall wedding in San Fransisco...

Stress free without compromising style or their bank account... I like it.

{Photos: Lilia Photography via Green Wedding Shoes}

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