Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby's Breath Redone...

I love that this bride wore a short dress and a veil. Such a refreshing bridal look. What I love most is her awesome bouquet of baby's breath.

I never thought much of baby's breath. I'd always see it paired with roses which, to me, looked dated. Not only did it look dated but it took on such a supporting role...the roses were the star while the baby's breath were simply there to make the roses look better. Which is why I was surprised to see baby's breath able to take on a leading role. A bouquet with only baby's breath is not only pretty and whimsical, it's also completely affordable. Makes me rethink carrying pricey peonies.

{Photo 1: 100 Layer Cake all others via Once Wed}


  1. SO beautiful! I especially love the last photo!!!


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