Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Wedding Dress Debate...

I loved Michelle Williams 2006 Oscar dress by Vera Wang. I have to say it's one of my favorite gowns of all time. When I recently found a wedding dress designer who can recreate any gown you show her a picture of my mind went straight to that bright yellow confection. I tried to find as many photos as I could of this gorgeous gown. I even photo shopped it to see what it would look like in white. Then I showed Ian to get his opinion, I was sure he would love it as much as I did. Which is why I was astounded when the words, "I don't like it at all, that dress is completely unflattering" came out of his mouth. He followed this with, "but if you love it get it, I know I will love whatever you wear that day." It was a sweet statement but if he thinks that dress looks unflattering on teeny tiny Michelle Williams then I don't stand a chance of it looking good on me.

Still, I needed to seek out a second and third and fourth and fifth opinion before I gave up on the dress. I consulted some girlfriends. Their reaction to the dress was identical to mine. I now felt confident that I would go ahead and have the dress made. I just wanted to ask one more person, the other most important man in my life, my dad. My dad has amazing taste so I was really curious as to what he would say. His words went something like this (I kid you not) "No, I don't like that dress at all. There is nothing flattering about it. And that material around the neckline looks like something an 18th century nun would wear." That was enough to change my mind about the dress. I get the whole 'it doesn't matter what other people think of the dress as long as I love it' argument. But I just can't do it if my future husband dislikes it along with my dad. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

This whole thing got me thinking though, what is it that my girlfriends and I saw in this dress that the men didn't? What is it that made me think of the neckline as whimsical and romantic and my dad think of it as grandiose, like a religious order? More importantly, what do you think? I'd love to hear your opinions!! xo

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  1. Juliet-You should wear what makes YOU happy! Now that I've said that, lol...I personally don't really care for the dress. I think the ruching/gathering on the skirt is in a rather ummm...ODD...location...and don't really care for the ruffly thing around the neckline.

    I'd like to see the skirt lose that ruching thing & for the bodice to be a sleeveless v-neck, maybe with different, softer ruffles-not FRILLY ruffles-but subtle and soft. Or just without them at all. I am glad though to see you're not really looking at that generic strapless dress that it seems like EVERY.SINGLE.BRIDE has been wearing the last few years! (but if you decide that's what you want, just disregard my comments, lol)I'm sure you will look gorgeous in whatever you end up choosing.

    As I said, YOU have to be happy in it, whatever the style. In the end, it's your call because if YOU love it and feel good in it, it will show. Hopefully you will find something that you love and that Ian loves too, though as he said I'm sure he will love whatever you end up with. :)

  2. Holy cow! I loved this dress too! But guess what-my husband would say exactly the same thing. Men are funny aren't they?!

  3. I absolutely LOVE it and would go with it in a heartbeat. My guess is that the nontraditional nature is hard for people to get used to. In my wedding decision-making and planning process, the one thing I've found is that you truly have to let go of everyone else's expectations (because they will certainly have them!) AND what is considered "conventional." There are no rules but yours. It's so cliche but this mindset helped me to get exactly what I wanted out of this oh-so important day AND experience. That being said, I know if Ari had been anti-my-dress I'd probably be in the same predicament as you so I totally understand. I would say, don't rule it out yet! If you keep coming back to it time and time again you might have to trust that it is right and those wonderful men (and women) in your life will find you stunning in whatever get-up it is that you choose! xo

  4. p.s. WHOA I really just went on a rant there. Sorry about that! Haha

  5. Rant away!! You have no idea how much I appreciate the feedback!!! Thank you Teresa, Amy & Katy!!! xoxoxo

  6. oh my goodness, this is seriously so funny. that is hilarious that you and your friends loved it and it got such a negative reaction from the men in your life. (ok, not funny ha-ha, because obviously life would have been a lot easier if they both loved it as much as you do.. but funny in another way).

    i think it's beautiful, and i think it looked beautiful white (very cool how you did that). but i guess from a man's point of view it's NOT flattering. it actually kind of accentuates how un-curvy she is. i think there is something whimsical and romantic about it - but it's not an overtly flattering dress... i think that is true. i think men/women just have different taste in things sometimes...

    maybe a more classic shape would be good? you want something that shows off YOU not something everyone is raising an eyebrow about and trying to figure it out. xx

  7. I'm with you and your friends, this dress rocks! I've also had this picture saved in my "favorites" folder for that day when I magically become a millionaire and can buy all the pretty clothes I've always wanted. Until that day comes, me and Old Navy are gonna stay good friends. Good luck with your search!


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