Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gorgeous garters...

I'm not a garter wearing kind of girl but these beautiful garters from Florrie Mitton Couture are so feminine and beautiful I might have to reconsider. Thankfully, we aren't having a garter toss at our wedding but even if we were I would never let something so beautiful out of my possession.

{photos: Florrie Mitton's Etsy Store}


  1. love the 2nd and 5th. totally with you... if you had one like that, you wouldn't let somebody run off with it! firmly kept on your leg! xx

  2. Loving the blog - fabulous post!

    Check mine out if you'd like?!

    X x x

  3. #2 and #5 are my favorites! Love, Love, Love 'em!!

  4. I agree on not being a garter girl {didn't have the toss at our wedding either} but these are SO very lovely! The only garter line to ever consider! :)


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