Thursday, March 4, 2010

San Francisco: The Recap...

I've been suffering slightly today with post weekend getaway blues. The first day back is never too much fun. I came home to laundry that needed to be done, an apartment that needed to be cleaned, errands that had to be run on top of all the phone calls and emails that needed to be returned. Ugh. On the upside, it does feel great to check each task off of my to-do list. 

Now that most of my to-do's are done I can indulge in a little fun weekend recap.

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. Not only is it beautiful but it just oozes character and charm. We stayed at the cutest little hotel called The San Remo in North Beach. Most of the rooms share bath facilities reminiscent of European inns. Ian and I stayed in the adorable penthouse which was this cute little bungalow located on the roof of the hotel (and it had it's own bathroom, yay!). I loved it.

 Inside the hotel.
The Penthouse.
Loved the cute little flower box.

 After checking in we spent most of the day walking around Little Italy and China Town. 

 Walking through Washington Square Park...

  The beautiful Saints Peter and Paul Church

Then we went to the awesome City Lights Bookstore which is right next to...
Jack Kerouac Alley!! So cool.

Next to City Lights is a great little dive bar called Vesuvio. It was the perfect little place to meet up with friends and have some drinks. I have to thank the wonderful Miss Stephanie Carter for the wonderful suggestions!!

Here we are at Vesuvio.

 While we were at the bar day turned into night. When I looked over my shoulder I saw this amazing view of the moon.

By this time we were pretty hungry for dinner. We ended up at a wonderful little (very little) Italian restaurant next to our hotel called Albona. It is the first and only Istrian restaurant on the West Coast and boasts wonderful Venetian cuisine. 

  Deciding what to order is never easy for me. 

If you go there get the strudel con pasta fatta in casa. It is a fresh pasta roll filled with slices of prosciutto & Lappi cheese; baked in a casserole with toasted bread crumbs, b├ęchamel, & tomato-cream sauce. Delicious. It's what Ian ordered and I finished it off for him. Then we ordered the panna cotta for dessert which was so good...
We nearly licked the plate.

Ian taking advantage of the massage chair in the hotel after our wonderful dinner.
 And me reading magazines.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of watching some of the "Sixth Sense" before bed. That movie gives me some serious heebie jeebies. All night I didn't want to get near the edge of the bed (dead people hide under there) and I had these visions of waking up to find a scary figure staring in the window. I have the overactive imagination of a six year old. 

The next morning we went to a five star yelp reviewed restaurant called The Red Door for breakfast. There was about a 30 minute wait. Which was a little frustrating because I was so hungry.

  Me looking frustrated.

But then they brought me out a cappuccino and I was no longer frustrated. 

 Seeing the reflection of Red Door Cafe with my "Wayfarers on baby. I can tell you my love for you will still be strong..." Okay, I'm stopping. 

We were finally seated in the tiny cafe and it was well worth it. Honestly. Most of the time Ian won't like the food at a hyped up place because, well,  it's all hype. The Red Door Cafe lived up to it's stellar reviews. I ordered the french toast. It was really good but if you've ever had the Peanut Bubba french toast at The Griddle in West Hollywood you might as well never order french toast again because it will never be as good as the Peanut Bubba.

Ian picking the best thing on the menu.

Ian ordered better than me once again with the amazing Roll My Cuban wrap. It was the best tasting breakfast burrito (wrap, whatever) I have ever tasted. Go there and get it. You won't be sorry. The service was great too. A really fun guy took our order and told us we f***ing nailed it with our selections. Slightly crass and totally perfect with the vibe of the place.
Later on, we headed to Pier 39 for Magowan's Infinate Mirror Maze.


This place was a blast. We had so much fun going through the maze. The only thing that was missing was David Bowie appearing at odd times (if you haven't seen "Labyrinth" watch it now).

Mirrors are so simple and yet so fun.

I did get quite disoriented in the maze. I even scared myself with myself a couple times. I literally thought I was running into another person but it was just my reflection. Crazy. I walked into the maze a bit hungry and walked out feeling a bit nauseous. But I'm the person who can't ride in the back seat because I get car sick. Also, when we were walking around after we both felt like we still might run into a mirror. The feeling stays with you for a bit. Kind of like getting sea legs from being on a boat. The only thing that can cure that is candy.

We then stopped by Z. Cioccolato for some fudge and candy. 


The fudge was excellent. We bought a large variety that would last any normal person a couple weeks. We're almost done with it (it was a long ride home). They also have a fantastic selection of salt water taffy. 

My private candy reserve.

I also stocked up on Bit O Honey, Smarties and SweetTarts. 

The next morning we had breakfast on our private little balcony.

I like how you can see Ian taking my picture through the reflection of my glasses. Awe.

You think we'd be candied out. Nope.
Me grabbing more candy at Fiona's.

I know, it's getting a bit ridiculous but I read about this cute little candy shop called Fiona's Sweetshoppe and I had to go. It carries only British sweets and is owned by the cutest British woman so it was a must (even if I've far surpassed the average person's annual sugar intake).


I got yummy sherbet lemons, Maltesers, Toffee Crisp, Lion bars, Double Decker, Topic and Kinder chocolates. I know what you're thinking...but we were on a mini vacation/holiday. The rule is when you are on holiday you don't have to eat healthy. If you get home and have leftover treats from your holiday you eat them until they are gone. Otherwise you are just wasteful.

So that wraps up our trip. Can't wait to go back. However, I will have to go on a serious diet before then.

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