Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Veiled Vows...

The moment I saw these photos I fell madly in love with that gorgeous veil. When I contacted the designer that makes it, Cymbeline, they said it was $800. I considered for a moment the possibility of getting a dress for $200 to meet my budget for wedding attire and then I slapped myself back into reality. $800!!! For a veil you can't wear again!!! It is pretty though. 

My goal is to only use half of my $1000 wedding dress budget. That way when I purchase my dress I will feel like I saved $500!!  Even if the reality of the situation is that I still spent $500. Oh, the games we play.

{Wedding photography by Erin Hearts Court via 100 Layer Cake}


  1. I'm getting married in May and got an amazing dress for less than 500 dollars. Feathers waist down and just right. You can do it! And I'm totally with you on budgeting - then spending less but still somehow feeling like your saving...the games we play is right. hahah love it:)

  2. Try this-

  3. Love this wedding, so pretty and the wedding dress is stunning. Jewellers Dublin


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