Friday, April 16, 2010

A box full of diamonds...

This photo makes my heart beat a little faster. I mean, could you imagine opening up a pretty pink box full of diamond rings? I just saw "Blood Diamond" for the first time not so long ago so I feel a little guilty even posting this - but come on...they are just so pretty.

{photo: Martha Stewart via ritzy bee}


  1. ohh gorgeous!! i think i'd take (well, any! but...) bottom row center! or second row from the bottom 2nd from the right. yowza! those are some serious beauties!! xx

  2. wowie! what amazing collection! indeed, remember the was very sad! can feel the guilt coming through there! :/

  3. I see a couple in there that will work just fine for me. Could you please send this image to my boyfriend? Thanks.

  4. this is gorgeous and you have a beautiful blog. I'll be following :) xx


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