Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cookies trump my to-do list...

I had a lot to get done today. I even made a thorough to-do list so I could proudly check off each task as I accomplished it. In the middle of my day I decided to take a break and check out some of my favorite blogs.

That is where I went wrong. 

While browsing the wonderful blog Siriously Delicious I lost all my motivation for the day. All I wanted to do was bake cookies. Especially these. The urge was too strong, there was no use fighting it. I didn't even care that it would ruin my diet for the day. Sometimes you just have to blow caution to the wind and bake some cookies.

I had my heart set on getting the butterscotch pudding for my cookies and was disappointed when they didn't have it. So I went with the vanilla. But I was now craving butterscotch even more (I always want what I can't have) so I got some butterscotch chips to mix in with the chocolate chips.  It turned out perfectly... here are the photos.

So worth it!! Thanks Siri!

Note: You may be asking yourself why that last photo looks so much better than the others (or you may not have even noticed). It's because Ian took it. I thought I should give him some credit. 


  1. Butterscotch chips! Brilliant! Now I want them all over again!

  2. YUM! Dog and I have been trying to lay off cookies, we lasted four days. One day at a time with cookies, haha!

  3. I am SO going to try adding butterscotch chips. Delish!

  4. This is making me extremely cookie hungry right now!


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