Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty Bus...

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Beauty Bus Foundation's first Beauty Drive. The Beauty Bus Foundation is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the home bound, chronically and terminally ill people and their primary caregivers by bringing beauty into their lives.

I have to say it was the best fund raising event I've ever been to. Guests indulged in a variety of beauty treatments at the Beauty Drive’s “stations”, which included professional make up applications, hair styling and manicures. It reminded me that the little things in life that bring you joy aren't really little at all. 

Getting your hair done, your make-up applied or your nails painted are all wonderful ways to feel beautiful and special but what's really amazing is the human connection that takes place. After the nail polish wears away and the make up is washed off what stays with you are the people. The small laughs over eye shadow colors, the stories told, sharing experiences and everyday moments with one another. These are the things that keep us happy and alive. I couldn't believe more in a foundation that brings these essential moments to people who need to be reminded of the beauty and love not only around them but in them. 

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I left my heart in Europe...

This time last year we spent two weeks in Paris and then we spent another two weeks in...
Italy. Swoon. I am desperate to return. I was one click away from booking tickets yesterday and then I chickened out. Today might be the day I follow through, especially after looking at these lovely photos. Stay tuned.

{photos: we heart it, bloom-grow-love, dress design & decor, apartment 34}

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Build a bike...

I didn't even really want a bike until I saw that you can build your own at Urban Outfitters. I found myself on their site experimenting with different colors and details wondering what my perfect bike would look like. I have no intention of buying one...yet. I have to say the cute basket almost tips the scale. Here's my vision...

I can see myself early on a Saturday morning (not really... I never like early Saturday mornings but for the sake of the my cute little vision let's stay with it) I throw on a pair of capri jeans, a Breton striped tee and sneakers. I then throw my hair in a care free pony a la Brigitte Bardot, grab some big sunnies and am out the door to ride my cute little retro bike to the local farmer's market. I excitedly purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers to fill my new bike basket. On my way home I stop by a French cafe for an espresso and croissant which I eat on a table outside while I peruse the paper with my sweet bike parked beside me. Passerby's stop to admire my beautiful bike and ask where in the world I found such a treasure. One young man even asks to take the little beauty for a spin. I apologize and say no. I know the temptation to ride off with it would be too great for him and I can't take any chances. I then get back on my bike and leisurely ride home. I feel the warm sun beating down on me and the cool breeze through my hair. I close my eyes for a moment to take it all in and I feel grateful for this moment that this glorious bike has brought me.

Unfortunately, I have to be honest with myself... in reality the bike would be parked in my garage most of the time taking up too much space. So I will have to pass for now. One can always dream.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kimono robes...

Today I am lusting over these gorgeous kimono robes from Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. Years ago I fell in love with an amazing kimono robe from Anthropologie but couldn't convince myself it was worth the $200+ price tag. From time to time I would still think about that robe wishing I could find something similar. My mouth dropped yesterday when I stumbled upon Plum Pretty Sugar's Etsy store. Everything I was looking for in a robe and only $62!! Sold! And so worth the wait.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bridal bouquets...

Here's my little collection of bridal bouquets that I think are lovely. I'm still undecided on what kind I want to carry on my wedding day. Right now the 1st and 3rd are my favorite. What do you think? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

{photos: boutwell studio, 100 layer cake, once wed, ritzy bee, la partie events, the budget savvy bride}

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A pretty dress + a polaroid camera...

I'm swooning over this bride's dress. So glamorous and unique. And the images? Taken with a Polaroid 600 SE camera by Sarah Yates. A pricey little camera but worth it when it creates photos like these.

{photos: Sarah Yates}

Backyard beautiful...

I get so much inspiration from these stunning images from Sarah Yates. If only I had a backyard like this to throw a wedding in. I'm really loving the long dark wood tables without any tablecloths. Just gorgeous.

{photos: Sarah Yates}

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cleaning out my closet...

I have been super busy cleaning out my closet and taking pictures of items I want to sell on eBay. I can't believe how many things still have the price tag attached! I can see now how guilty I am of buying things to wear after I lose 5 lbs or for the time I want to wear something super sexy, etc. Guess what, the 5 lbs never came off and the sexy stuff just wasn't me. From now on I'm sticking to buying clothes that are for me in the now.  Lesson learned.

Since I have been using my camera non-stop, I thought I'd post some photos of cameras. It's silly how drawn I am to pictures with cameras in them. Alright, my break is over...back to picture taking. Happy Friday!! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

{photos: we heart it}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cupcake accessories...

So sweet for little girls - or big girls.

Perfect for the little robot lover. 

Beautiful for a shower or a wedding.

How adorable are these cupcake kits? I love them. I will definitely be getting the ballerina kit. A perfect excuse to make cupcakes. Like I needed an excuse. You can find them here.

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