Friday, May 7, 2010

Cleaning out my closet...

I have been super busy cleaning out my closet and taking pictures of items I want to sell on eBay. I can't believe how many things still have the price tag attached! I can see now how guilty I am of buying things to wear after I lose 5 lbs or for the time I want to wear something super sexy, etc. Guess what, the 5 lbs never came off and the sexy stuff just wasn't me. From now on I'm sticking to buying clothes that are for me in the now.  Lesson learned.

Since I have been using my camera non-stop, I thought I'd post some photos of cameras. It's silly how drawn I am to pictures with cameras in them. Alright, my break is over...back to picture taking. Happy Friday!! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

{photos: we heart it}


  1. Love those cameras :) I'm in the same ebay boat...going through and getting rid of! Spring cleaning, here we come. Happy weekend lady! xx

  2. oh, i always would love to own a viewfinder camera someday! adorable!

  3. I have a similar shopping complex where I try to follow certain trends that just aren't me. "Today's the day I'm finally going to dress x,y,z" and then I never wear the clothes because I feel so conspicuous in them. It's liberating to love everything in your closet even if there's only 10 things in there.

    Beautiful pictures.


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