Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kimono robes...

Today I am lusting over these gorgeous kimono robes from Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie. Years ago I fell in love with an amazing kimono robe from Anthropologie but couldn't convince myself it was worth the $200+ price tag. From time to time I would still think about that robe wishing I could find something similar. My mouth dropped yesterday when I stumbled upon Plum Pretty Sugar's Etsy store. Everything I was looking for in a robe and only $62!! Sold! And so worth the wait.


  1. LOVE it - i never wear robes - but whenever i see one i fall in love with (and a good price tag) i snatch it up - i always think i'm going to need one .. i wonder if i could pull some of these off as a top?!


  2. I ordered the second one yesterday. Can't wait to get it!!

  3. wow, these are lovely - I've been looking for a summer weight robe.

  4. Wow!! These are gorgeous! I'm headed over to check out her shop!


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