Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Recap...

Well, I'm another year older and it was a great birthweek. I believe everyone should celebrate their birthday for a week minimum. Here is what mine looked like...

It started out with a trip to Bakersfield to pick up my birthday cake. 

Smith's Bakery is (in my opinion) the best bakery in the world. I have had a Smith's birthday cake for every birthday so far. One year when I was living in Florida, my mom shipped one to me on dry ice. What makes it so great, you might ask. Simple, it's all in the frosting and I'm a frosting girl. I have never come across anything that even comes close to how good this frosting is. If I had to choose a last meal on earth, it would be a Smith's chocolate marble sheet cake with tons of frosting. Okay, I realize I am becoming a bit redundant so I will move on.

After we picked up my birthday cake we went to my favorite restaurant in Bakersfield, Mexicali. I was way too focused on consuming the guacamole and shredded beef tacos to remember to take any pictures.

The next night Ian surprised me with an amazing Greek meal with friends followed by a game of indoor Wiffle Ball.

The next morning I woke up to this...

 and this...

 There is nothing better than a morning full of sweet messages and birthday cake for breakfast.

After I felt sufficiently full of sugar we made our way to Santa Barbara. At first we went out to the beach.

Then we realized that we don't really like sitting on the beach (especially when wearing a pretty white dress). So we went to go see our dear friends on their beautiful sailboat.

Feeling happy.

Followed by a great fireworks show in the arms of the man I love.

A few days later we went to the Hollywood Bowl for some classical music and fireworks.

It was a fantastic week. Thank you for the sweet birthday messages!! xoxoxo


  1. oh please stop by and let me know the brand of ur white dress - beyond adorable!!! -

    ur birthday looked spectacular - nothing more u could of asked for - filled with tons of love and laughter - loven' it all and thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Week!! I'm so stealing this!

    We went thru Bakersfield this week on our way to Yosemite. It was HOT!

    Happy to see you in Santa Barbara, my home town!! Hope you had fun. Did you go to Brophys by chance? My FAVE place.


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