Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Magnolia vs. Duncan Hines...

A few weeks ago Magnolia Bakery opened up here in Los Angeles. I was extremely curious to see what the fuss was all about, so I stood in the long line on opening day to find out. As soon as Ian and I got our cupcakes we headed to the park to sit and enjoy them.


In deliberation on my opinion of the cupcake.

So I must take another bite (or stuff my face as the evidence shows).

Now for the chocolate one...

Want a bite?

A kiss to the photographer for waiting in the ridiculously long line with me.

My verdict; I know many of you out there will disagree with me, but I thought the cupcakes lacked taste. I tend to like things pretty sweet and these cupcakes tasted extremely buttery but lacked sweetness. Maybe it was because I was overwhelmed with the butter to taste anything else. It left me wanting more, wanting the cupcakes I hoped these would be. 

The quickest solution was to get some Duncan Hines yellow cake mix and milk chocolate creamy frosting in a tub and make them myself. It was a sure thing and I couldn't gamble with cupcakes any longer.

Obviously, I don't need to post the recipe because it's on the back of the box.

Heat that oven up.

Nearly done...


Beyond delicious and another added bonus? Sixteen cupcakes for the price of two Magnolia cupcakes. Not that price matters when dealing with sweets.


  1. This totally takes me back.... xxoo

  2. I know!! Walking to the store buying a tub of frosting and cake mix and eating the frosting from the tub on the walk home. We need to do that again someday.

  3. i literally was about to walk into Magnolia yesterday in NYC!!! ... i had my hand on the door and everything - i don't need the extra calories these days - trying SO hard to be good!

  4. I hear ya, Erika! I'm paying for my cupcake addiction at the gym.

  5. I love cupcakes. My fave is Dot's Cupcakes here in Pasadena. Magnolia has such a cute website, very whimsical, just like a cupcake :) I'm addicted to Cupcake Wars on tv.

  6. bummer that they weren't as good as you had hoped. but i love that you went back home and made one that you'd be happy with! the ones you made look pretty perfect! xx

  7. Yum!! I love cupckaes too much!! xoxoxoxoo

  8. i've never had any from duncan hines but i can say that some of the magnolia cupcakes lack something more that just great taste...

  9. I was just at Magnolias a couple weeks ago!! Delish. 16 for the price of 2 is great deal though!! I might trade a little bit of taste for sheer quantity!!

    PS - You're BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  10. I totally agree with you. I was just recently in NY and one of my forst stops was Magnolia Bakery since I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I was really disappointed ... you can only taste the butter in the frosting in the caramel one I chose. My boyfriend's chocolate one was a little better but not worth the long wait.


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