Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy October!!

October is one of my favorite months. I love the fall weather (which is finally kicking in here in LA, woohoo!!!). I love carving pumpkins and making soup and hearing the rain fall and baking cookies for Halloween.

I remember in grade school we would start doing holiday arts and crafts around this time. It was always my favorite part of the day. I would be focusing intensely on completing my construction paper pumpkin (or whatever we were making) and the excitement of the upcoming holidays would make me so giddy and happy. I think it is so important to recreate those feelings as an adult. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life to not take time for the little things. Which is why I will be taking time to carve pumpkins, make paper ghosts, eat far too much candy (Although, I do that no matter what time of year it is) and enjoy every last minute of this kick ass season.

Happy October!!!!!!

{photo: belle maison}

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  1. happy October to you too, sweets! lots hugs! xoxo


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