Friday, November 5, 2010

Emerson Made...

I just discovered Emerson Made through Sydney's awesome blog and I have to say I want every item of clothing Emerson makes.

I feel like I am going through a transitional phase in my personal style. I recently had a good hard look at my closet and realized I'm holding on to things that don't suit me anymore. Blazers that I bought too large or trends that I fell prey to that I would never actually wear. I just recently sold a pair of lace up Uggs on eBay that I never wore because I thought they would look better in snowy weather. Well, it never snows here in Los Angeles (if only... sigh) so I have no idea what my attachment to them were. Other than I could imagine myself in a cozy cabin with Ian somewhere frigid and on that occasion I would have the perfect boots to wear. Um, yeah, not going to happen. So I'm gradually letting go of things which will make room for new things. And I would really love those new things to be from Emerson Made. All I need now is some disposable income.

For those of you who love Emerson Made as much as I do and can afford to buy some goodies there is a 20% off discount code when you enter EMsINSTYLE during checkout. 

Note to self: don't spend must save, don't spend must save, don't spend must save.


  1. Ugh...I just bought the tweed blazer last week without the 20% off...bummer!!!! I guess that means I'll have to get one of the other items on my list;) Love every item!!!

  2. haha, i loveeeee her clothes. plus her. what a sweet + funny gal.


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