Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in photos (and phones)...

I was kind of lazy this Thanksgiving. Meaning I did not cook. At all. Unless you want to count the Paleo cookies I made but no one likes them except me so they really don't count. If you're wondering what Paleo is click this link and read this book. Ian and I have been following this way of eating for about two months now and it has been life changing. Can't begin to tell you how much better I feel.

I'm getting side tracked, who wants to talk diet life style change when posting about Thanksgiving? Obviously, I do but I'm stopping.

Onto Thanksgiving in photos...

This is my sweet niece hard at work baking a pumpkin pie. Where am I you might ask?
Relaxing while on my phone.
Then my sweet niece caught on and got on her phone too. Who would be cooking then?
That would be my brother and sis-in-law. I even got in this photo (taking a break from my phone to have a drink). Any considerate person would ask if they needed any help, so I asked but before they could answer I said, "Okay, then if you need me I will be in the other room".
And just like that I was on my phone again. Reading something really interesting by the look of it.
This is when brother catches on, stops cooking and gets on his phone.

  Yes, that's more like it! True Thanksgiving fun!!
Here is my other precious niece joining in the fun. Who's left to cook then? We would all be worried about this if we weren't so engrossed in our phones.
Ah, wonderful fiance takes over and saves the day with his cooking skills!!!
Yay!! Fiance! (I know this photo is out of focus, my fault, let's try to ignore)
Having some fun. This time it involves real human contact!
Finally posing for some proper photos with my lovely nieces. 

DISCLAIMER: The above story was a dramatization. No cell phones were actually used for any long period of time by any of the above mentioned people. And Ian only cooked the veggies. My brother made the most delicious turkey and my sister in law made everything else. It was all delish!! Must give credit where credit is due.
The day before we went to my brother's gym to do a photo shoot and film some videos. He is a wonderful trainer who can whip anyone into shape. You know how you burn more fat doing intervals? Well, that is what he does, it is a technique called Tabata and it totally kicks ass. If you're in the Bakersfield area you should absolutely train with him!!!! Check out his website Sorci Fitness.

Here is the video...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Christmas here we come!!!


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