Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Books and ballet flats...

It's a book...

 That's really a clutch!!

So cute, right?

An added bonus...when not in use you can store it on your bookshelf. Love!! 
You can find them at the adorable Etsy store hoakonhelga.

Another thing I'm loving...

These gorgeous Maryjane ballet flats from Marais USA. I need them in both black and beige pronto!!


  1. No way, why didn't I hear about this before my birthday? Bummer!

    I get a huge kick out of that clutch.

  2. i love that clutch! what a cute idea! especially for my book club girls ;)

    Lovely blog! Congratulations on the upcoming nuptuals! My advice - DANCE ALL NIGHT! your guests will love it! :)


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