Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The long Costa Rica post...

The bad stuff I learned in Costa Rica:

I really don't like humid climates. At all. 

 Hiking in humid climates makes me feel like I'm suffocating.

I hate mosquitoes, even more than I thought. 

The constant application of sunscreen and insect repellent causes me to break out in a horrible, itchy rash.

That same insect repellent that gave me a rash also striped my nail polish off after I had just gotten a mani/pedi. Grrr.

One too many alcoholic beverages while in the hot springs is the worst idea. Ever.

There are more potholes in Costa Rica than anywhere else. At least anywhere I've been.

There are also more stray dogs.

 That the judicial system is so lax that you could commit murder and the most severe sentence you'll receive is six years in prison. Or something like that. This was told to me by the owner of one of the bed and breakfasts we stayed at. Have no idea how this came up but it wasn't very comforting.

Getting swimmer's ear while swimming underwater really sucks. As does taking time the next day to go to a doctor to have it flushed out. 

 The good stuff I learned in Costa Rica:

I love when my husband reads to me.

Especially Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. So good. Read it. Or have someone you love read it to you.

Fried plantains and jam are the

Monkeys are even cuter than I thought.

You can get much better nausea medication there than you can here (I suffer from motion sickness, yep I'm one of those people).

Active volcanoes are fascinating. And hearing husband explain about how volcanoes are formed - even more fascinating.   

A deep tissue massage and nice dinner makes everything better.

I finally got why people like ice cold beers in hot weather.

That there's a real Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Minus the pirates and minus Johnny Depp {bummer}.

The card game Spades is really fun. Even if your team loses. 

I can survive 13 days with only one backpack (!!!).

I'm not really an outdoorsy girl and I'm okay with that.

And now for the photos...

This is the coffee plantation we visited.

Learning lots about coffee. After nearly injecting myself in the veins with the stuff. {Very inappropriate since I had recently stated that I was giving up caffeine}

So pretty. And humid.
This is what lunch looks like. Eh. 

This is what I look like... hot and sticky. 

 This is how we traveled. Backpacks only. 

We ventured to Tortuguero to watch sea turtles nest at night. Kind of interesting. Really humid.

This is what breakfast looked like.

Rain. Fun.

The real pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The humongous spiders you see on that ride. Gives me the heeby jeebies. 

Our incredibly ripped jungle tour guide.

Enjoying a beer.

Yummy Caribbean chicken from Miss Miriam's. Oh and look, more rice and beans.

So much cuter than spiders. Cows from La Fortuna.

The view of the Arenal Vocano from our hotel room. The most active volcano in the world. 

This is husband's "told you so" face. I think it's cute.
One of my favorite parts of the trip Pizza John's.

 Here I am listening to Pizza John tell his interesting story. 

This is Pizza John.

He asks guests to sign his wall. So we did.

Then we posed with our marking.

A smooch in front of Arenal.

Trying {unsuccessfully} to stay cool.

This was our nice dinner. So happy it doesn't include rice and beans.
Our final destination was Manuel Antonio. We stayed at the Costa Verde. This is a suite attached to a plane. Love it.

From our balcony.


Thoughtful loner monkey.

My monkey, reading to me.

I love him.

A gorgeous sunset. Almost made me forget how humid it was...almost.

On the way to the airport we ate at Outback Jack's.

Funny {and humid}.

Bet you thought this post would never end. I kinda felt the same way about the trip. 

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  1. I hate humid weather too. When I was in Thailand I got lots of rash outbreaks because of mosquitobites and the insect repeller. It was imbarrasing getting a massage. But it looks like you had a nice trip after all


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