Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Currently loving (and some big news)...

This bedroom. Spotted here.

So Ian and I have been busy redecorating our apartment and I've been scouring the likes of Apartment Therapy, Belle Maison and Pinterest (obviously) to get inspiration. We are getting an early start on spring cleaning and getting some much needed new furnishings. Which included a king size bed. How did we ever get by with a queen? The extra space is so heavenly. I will post photos of our new improvements as soon as they are complete.

We are also super excited to announce we are expecting our first baby!! I am currently in my second trimester and so happy to have some energy back (first trimester and a whole month into my second trimester left me exhausted) which means I can finally find it in me to blog again!! Yay!

I will post some belly pics is finally showing a bit. I also can't wait to share photos from Amsterdam and England. Good lord, it's been almost a year now. Ridiculous how long it's taken me to post the rest of our honeymoon. Oh well, better late (it's just too much of a cliché to even finish that sentence). 

I also realize we're almost out of January but Happy New Year!! I think 2012 is going to be my favorite year yet!!

And for a peek at an amazing West Village apartment tour click here.


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