Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Honeymoon: Amsterdam...

Romantic canals.
On the hunt for the best Dutch apple pie.
Wall of clogs. I took home a vintage pair.
Biking families.
A lovely open market.
Dam Square, the heart of the city.
An old book stand.
About to have dinner in the castle behind Ian. Built in 1488 Cafe In de Waag is lit only by candles.
Yummy waffle dessert from In de Waag.
The perfect tree to read under and waiting in line to see the Anne Frank house with our guide book.
Gorgeous sunset.
The pretty Dutch flag.
A detour in the park.
Pancakes! Amsterdam - a must.
The perfect pancake.
Graffiti in a fun font.
Amazing architecture and delicious frites from Vlaams Friteshuis.
Finally the best apple pie in all of Amsterdam from Winkel 43.
After spending 9 days in Greece we were unsure of where to go to next. We were really tempted to go to Paris but since we had been two years earlier we thought it was best to go to a part of Europe we had yet seen. So then we contemplated the south of France...until the exorbitant airline tickets from Athens made us rethink France all together. Next up we thought about going to Vienna but again ticket prices were crazy. So then I hit one of my favorite blogs Fairy Tales Are True to get some inspiration. That is when I thought perhaps Amsterdam was the place to go. Reasonable flights confirmed this...and since we were ending our trip in England (only a short jaunt away) it made perfect sense. Amsterdam was never on my list of must-see cities but I have to say it turned out to be one of our favorite places we visited. The weather was gorgeous, the people were friendly (and spoke English) and endless canals reminded me of Venice, which I absolutely adore! We walked around endlessly, ate good food and took in the romantic environment.

On our travels we have this little ritual of purchasing a city guide at the airport before embarking on our adventure. It's always really helpful and makes for a great keepsake on our bookshelf.

Helpful tip: my husband bought a SIM card in every city we visited that way we had navigation and internet with us always. The SIM cards were always cheap and always came in handy. Unfortunately this doesn't work for iphone users like me.  


  1. Wasn't the Anne Frank house incredible? Made my heart hurt. Will email you re: next week asap...

  2. thinking of honey moon in Amsterdam... am comparing it with Thailand,, what do you think


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