Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The search for a diaper bag...

Handbags are my all time favorite accessory. Now that I will be toting diapers and baby essentials around with me come early summer I have been on the search for the perfect diaper bag. In my hunger for all things pregnancy related I began watching the reality show Pregnant In Heels. On the show Rosie Pope carries around the chicest diaper bag from her line. I instantly fell in love with it and immediately went to her online boutique. There it was, the gorgeous diaper bag with the not so gorgeous price tag of $365. I got super excited when I noticed a 50% off everything in the store promotion. Then I got super sad when I realized the bag was sold out. Grrrr.

The bag is now in stock but of course the promotion has ended. So frustrating. On the upside who wants to be carrying around five extra pounds of leather along with the baby? Um, I would but to make myself feel better about passing this one up I'm telling myself my back will thank me later.

So then I found this French beauty from Magic Stroller Bag...

Absolutely gorgeous but once again this bag costs about $395 and is incredibly hard to locate online. Plus it's leather and most likely heavy. Again, I am left frustrated.

So here is my third favorite diaper bag from ikabags on Etsy...

Much lighter than leather, waterproof and handmade in France for the reasonable price of $79!

And for one last option I found a chevron stripe bag from the Etsy store From K to Z...

This one is $90 and you can get a matching changing pad for an additional $17. So now I'm a bit torn on which Etsy bag I want to take the plunge with. So I need some input. Which bag would you choose?



  1. AH! I couldn't pick! We went with the diaper dude - because it was on sale and I just had no idea WHAT I wanted. And it's kinda blech. I thought...I just don't want to be lugging around some huge tacky bag.

    NOW I'm wanting this:

    My girlfriend has it and what makes it - maybe not the looks - but the functionality. The compartments to keep everything organized. And backpack handles so you can have baby on your front and stuff on the back. Also, can be easily attached to your stroller handles. Know it's not the most fashionable but it may be worth it to you!!

  2. I LOVE the striped one! I recently pinned that one too :) I did not like that it $26 for shipping! But still its a great deal!

    1. Wow, I did not even bother to look at the shipping costs!!


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