Friday, March 30, 2012

Post from the past - 25 weeks...

Um, I've been a bit behind in posting these photos. The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy. More for Ian than for me but when he is super busy I feel super busy. The craziness started with the short film he created as seen from this post here. Then the weekend after he had to film a project in San Francisco. I jumped on that band wagon because I thought I could really help him out (translation: I really wanted to go to San Francisco). Followed by another short film, which involved another trip by car (ick) to San Francisco from Los Angeles to shoot and drive back all in the same day. Followed by another film project in Boston! Insane. I'm ready for things to slow down a bit.

Here is a recap of our trip to San Francisco (the longer one). When we got up north there was a good couple of days that I felt useful. I did the driving, picked up lunch, suggested great places for dinner (my help revolves around food as does everything in my life). Then when the real heavy lifting started I felt extremely exhausted. By Sunday (his free day) I felt great again. Seems like I was dodging the work but I wasn't. Listen, I only get to play this pregnancy card for a bit longer. (I kid, Ian never needed my help...I don't think).

On this well deserved day off we started our day with brunch at Dottie's True Blue Cafe. We had been to the old location once before and thought the food was pretty yummy. For those who care I had an omelet and pancakes (I was hungry) and their pancakes are really good as is their homemade buttermilk dill bread.

Then we walked around the streets of San Francisco and even went shopping for a maternity bra!! Fun for me and super fun for Ian. After a bit more walking we stumbled across a Bansky...

If you haven't seen "Exit Through The Gift Shop", watch it now. So good. After all the walking my feet needed a rest so we went for a drink at Vesuvio where I take really overblown photos...

Hunger struck again so we met up with some friends for dinner at a really great Brazilian steakhouse called Espetus. Really delicious, highly recommend.

On the drive home the next day we stopped through Bakersfield to grab some cookies at my favorite bakery of all time Smith's. I could eat those cookies all day. They even make a cookie with a little cake on top which is all covered in frosting!! Best thing ever.

I love visiting San Francisco, I'm hoping Ian has another project there soon so I can "assist" once again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 weeks...

Super excited to be entering my third trimester. Only 12 more weeks (give or take) until we get to meet our baby girl!! This pregnancy seems to be going by at lightening speed. I daydream all the time about seeing our baby for the first time. It all seems pretty surreal in the best way possible. I can honestly say (even though I'm extremely emotional) I've never been happier. There is nothing in life I want more than to be a good wife and a loving mom with a stable happy little family, I'm a pretty old fashioned girl in that way. And it's all coming true. I have to pinch myself sometimes. 

Yesterday we had our 28 week prenatal appointment and the sweetest thing happened. The midwife was feeling my belly and was showing Ian how to feel exactly where the baby was. It was a great moment and then she bent down to my belly to talk to the baby. Our midwife said, "hello baby" and the baby kicked in response. Then she would say something else and the baby would kick again. Our midwife was so moved that she had tears in her eyes. It was pretty darn amazing. A moment I will remember forever and I'm sure I will tell the story to our little girl all the time.

So now I am savoring every single kick and every nudge in these last months of pregnancy. I want to bottle the whole thing up so I don't forget a single thing.

(on a side note that shadow on the wall makes my ass look bigger than it really least that is what i'm telling myself)

Monday, March 26, 2012

One year ago today...

One year ago today I married my favorite person in the world. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I've been so blessed to fall so deeply in love with someone who loves me unconditionally. Someone who has seen me at my very worst and has loved me through it. Someone who has seen me at my very best and beamed with pride. Someone who continues daily to help make my dreams come true. Someone who wakes up every morning and tells me he loves me and then kisses my belly and tells our baby girl how much he loves her. Someone who calls me sweetheart (which always makes me melt).

The other morning I had to leave early and Ian was sound asleep. I kissed him goodbye and in his sleepy state he smiled sweetly and said, "goodbye my sweet princess." How did I get so lucky to find such a love? I'm not quite sure. What I do know is I will never take for granted this precious gift I've been given. Happy First Anniversary, my love. Thank you for filling my life with so much love.

(photos taken by the extremely talented Katy to see more of her wonderful work go here.)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

On a rainy day...

It's raining out and I love it. Perfect weather for snuggling up on the couch to do a little online shopping. I just ordered these Salt Waters because right now it's only fun to buy things like shoes and accessories. You know, things I can still wear after I give birth. Now I just need a pedicure and perhaps a piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up all night...

here ian is busy filming his awesome short film. it's a dreaded night shoot so for the past couple days we both stayed up late to try to adjust our schedules. i was planning on helping him with anything he needed on set this weekend and staying as late as i could.

last night was the first night and all was going well until they started using the fog machine inside for atmosphere. i started to get a headache and the smell was making me want to gag so i thought it was best to leave. so did ian. i felt sad that i couldn't watch him in his element. watching him work, doing something he loves makes me so happy and proud and i fall in love all over again. but the dang fog machine wouldn't let me stay. boo.

and now i am up late all by myself because i rearranged my sleep schedule thinking i would be on set. i have a long list of things i should be doing while i'm at home but i have absolutely no motivation and i just want to do the things that i want to be doing instead. like eating a yummy dessert and streaming a good movie on netflix. except all the movies i'm in the mood to watch are disc only. so frustrating. then i start to read a magazine and get really inspired to cut bangs. i literally have the scissors in my hand but then i get scared because every time i have bangs i hate how they get in my eyes. so i put the scissors down and reconsider, for now. maybe i will go to my hairdresser and have her do it? i just don't have the guts to do it myself. so then i got busy trying some new effects using the front facing camera on my iphone, fun!
anyway, i will be up for awhile thinking about how the floor needs mopping. or how i should be finishing that writing assignment i have, or reading one of the many parenting and birthing books i bought. then instead of doing those things i will be looking at adorable baby girl clothes online or sitting watching the baby kick my belly or surfing my favorite blogs or trying to find some ways to add some much needed color to my wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

and then i will try to get on a normal schedule again. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

24 weeks...

Here I am in my 24th week of pregnancy looking a bit worn down after a long day and little sleep. I really can't believe I'm six months along! The time has flown right on by. Whenever I would hear of someone being six months pregnant I would think, "Wow, that woman is going to birth another human being in just a few months!!" It always amazed me. And now I am that woman. Sometimes I still can't believe there is a little girl that my husband and I created safe inside my belly. It really is just the best thing ever. As the days go by I love being pregnant more and more. I love that my belly is getting bigger by the day. I love that baby girl's kicking harder and more frequently.  I love when I close my eyes and put my hands on my stomach I can sometimes feel her whole little body shift around. I am so in love with this sweet little baby and I feel so grateful for this whole experience. I thank God everyday. 

On Wednesday I had my 24 week prenatal appointment and instead of using the fetal doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat I asked the midwife to use a fetoscope. I knew the baby would have to be in just the right position to pick up her heartbeat. Every time my midwife put the fetoscope on my belly the baby would kick it. I figured she was being too active but then she settled in to the perfect position and I saw the midwife immediately time the heartbeats on her watch. Then she let me listen. It was the sweetest sound in the world. Unlike the fetal doppler which sounds loud and swooshy this sounded like fast gentle tapping. Ian even got to hear. So amazing.

After our appointment I was starving (as always) and had an intense craving for a cheeseburger. So we went to Short Order. It was pretty darn good and pretty darn pricey (as in $15 for a burger, without the fries). But we were celebrating our baby girl so we didn't care. And even though I am trying to limit my sugar intake I totally sipped on Ian's milkshake. It was delish.

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