Wednesday, March 28, 2012

28 weeks...

Super excited to be entering my third trimester. Only 12 more weeks (give or take) until we get to meet our baby girl!! This pregnancy seems to be going by at lightening speed. I daydream all the time about seeing our baby for the first time. It all seems pretty surreal in the best way possible. I can honestly say (even though I'm extremely emotional) I've never been happier. There is nothing in life I want more than to be a good wife and a loving mom with a stable happy little family, I'm a pretty old fashioned girl in that way. And it's all coming true. I have to pinch myself sometimes. 

Yesterday we had our 28 week prenatal appointment and the sweetest thing happened. The midwife was feeling my belly and was showing Ian how to feel exactly where the baby was. It was a great moment and then she bent down to my belly to talk to the baby. Our midwife said, "hello baby" and the baby kicked in response. Then she would say something else and the baby would kick again. Our midwife was so moved that she had tears in her eyes. It was pretty darn amazing. A moment I will remember forever and I'm sure I will tell the story to our little girl all the time.

So now I am savoring every single kick and every nudge in these last months of pregnancy. I want to bottle the whole thing up so I don't forget a single thing.

(on a side note that shadow on the wall makes my ass look bigger than it really least that is what i'm telling myself)

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