Monday, March 26, 2012

One year ago today...

One year ago today I married my favorite person in the world. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I've been so blessed to fall so deeply in love with someone who loves me unconditionally. Someone who has seen me at my very worst and has loved me through it. Someone who has seen me at my very best and beamed with pride. Someone who continues daily to help make my dreams come true. Someone who wakes up every morning and tells me he loves me and then kisses my belly and tells our baby girl how much he loves her. Someone who calls me sweetheart (which always makes me melt).

The other morning I had to leave early and Ian was sound asleep. I kissed him goodbye and in his sleepy state he smiled sweetly and said, "goodbye my sweet princess." How did I get so lucky to find such a love? I'm not quite sure. What I do know is I will never take for granted this precious gift I've been given. Happy First Anniversary, my love. Thank you for filling my life with so much love.

(photos taken by the extremely talented Katy to see more of her wonderful work go here.)


  1. Thank you my darling Wife!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. How beautiful! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! xo

  3. That was so beautiful that I had to share it with others. :) Happy anniversary, Juliet. :-)


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