Friday, March 30, 2012

Post from the past - 25 weeks...

Um, I've been a bit behind in posting these photos. The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy. More for Ian than for me but when he is super busy I feel super busy. The craziness started with the short film he created as seen from this post here. Then the weekend after he had to film a project in San Francisco. I jumped on that band wagon because I thought I could really help him out (translation: I really wanted to go to San Francisco). Followed by another short film, which involved another trip by car (ick) to San Francisco from Los Angeles to shoot and drive back all in the same day. Followed by another film project in Boston! Insane. I'm ready for things to slow down a bit.

Here is a recap of our trip to San Francisco (the longer one). When we got up north there was a good couple of days that I felt useful. I did the driving, picked up lunch, suggested great places for dinner (my help revolves around food as does everything in my life). Then when the real heavy lifting started I felt extremely exhausted. By Sunday (his free day) I felt great again. Seems like I was dodging the work but I wasn't. Listen, I only get to play this pregnancy card for a bit longer. (I kid, Ian never needed my help...I don't think).

On this well deserved day off we started our day with brunch at Dottie's True Blue Cafe. We had been to the old location once before and thought the food was pretty yummy. For those who care I had an omelet and pancakes (I was hungry) and their pancakes are really good as is their homemade buttermilk dill bread.

Then we walked around the streets of San Francisco and even went shopping for a maternity bra!! Fun for me and super fun for Ian. After a bit more walking we stumbled across a Bansky...

If you haven't seen "Exit Through The Gift Shop", watch it now. So good. After all the walking my feet needed a rest so we went for a drink at Vesuvio where I take really overblown photos...

Hunger struck again so we met up with some friends for dinner at a really great Brazilian steakhouse called Espetus. Really delicious, highly recommend.

On the drive home the next day we stopped through Bakersfield to grab some cookies at my favorite bakery of all time Smith's. I could eat those cookies all day. They even make a cookie with a little cake on top which is all covered in frosting!! Best thing ever.

I love visiting San Francisco, I'm hoping Ian has another project there soon so I can "assist" once again.


  1. glad you had fun in san francisco!

  2. might I just say.... you are stunning pregnant :) just beautiful.


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