Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up all night...

here ian is busy filming his awesome short film. it's a dreaded night shoot so for the past couple days we both stayed up late to try to adjust our schedules. i was planning on helping him with anything he needed on set this weekend and staying as late as i could.

last night was the first night and all was going well until they started using the fog machine inside for atmosphere. i started to get a headache and the smell was making me want to gag so i thought it was best to leave. so did ian. i felt sad that i couldn't watch him in his element. watching him work, doing something he loves makes me so happy and proud and i fall in love all over again. but the dang fog machine wouldn't let me stay. boo.

and now i am up late all by myself because i rearranged my sleep schedule thinking i would be on set. i have a long list of things i should be doing while i'm at home but i have absolutely no motivation and i just want to do the things that i want to be doing instead. like eating a yummy dessert and streaming a good movie on netflix. except all the movies i'm in the mood to watch are disc only. so frustrating. then i start to read a magazine and get really inspired to cut bangs. i literally have the scissors in my hand but then i get scared because every time i have bangs i hate how they get in my eyes. so i put the scissors down and reconsider, for now. maybe i will go to my hairdresser and have her do it? i just don't have the guts to do it myself. so then i got busy trying some new effects using the front facing camera on my iphone, fun!
anyway, i will be up for awhile thinking about how the floor needs mopping. or how i should be finishing that writing assignment i have, or reading one of the many parenting and birthing books i bought. then instead of doing those things i will be looking at adorable baby girl clothes online or sitting watching the baby kick my belly or surfing my favorite blogs or trying to find some ways to add some much needed color to my wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

and then i will try to get on a normal schedule again. 

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