Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Freshly Picked Moccasin Review...

Coco loving life in her FP moccs.

Baby shoes are a hard thing to buy. At least for us. I had my heart set on purchasing Coco a gold pair of Saltwater sandals this summer. When they finally arrived the size was right but her feet were just too chubby. I tried stretching them out and a mark was still left on her foot after wearing them for more than five minutes so I had to get rid of them. And honestly chubby baby feet are about the cutest thing ever so I wasn't too sad about it.

I love Robeez boots for babies because they actually stay on and Coco wore hers all the time during colder weather, but what about the warmer months? I had been eying the Freshly Picked moccasins for a while because they are on just about every bloggers babies feet. The only downside was the price - $60. So expensive for baby shoes. Then I started to get desperate - Coco was walking and I needed to get her some shoes. I was tempted by Toms and then I heard they weren't good for baby's feet. So I consulted Dr. Sears and he says flexible shoes in a natural material is best SO the FP moccs were looking more and more like the right shoe. Instead of buying three different shoes I would only buy one and call it a day (that is how I rationalized the price). I also purchased a size larger so she could get more wear out of them.

I have to say I truly love these moccasins - one of the best baby purchases I've made. They stay on Coco's feet, they seem incredible comfortable and they go with everything. And the price per wear is pretty low at this point since she wears them every single day. I literally have people coming up to me every time we are out and commenting on her shoes - most of the time asking where they can find the shoes in their adult size. It's kind of the craziest thing. 

Here are some more photos of Coco in her moccs - because I just can't help myself...

Picking apples in her moccs.

When you're wearing moccs you gotta dance!!

The Coco strut.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coco fashion...

H&M can now be purchased online...which is great news and not such great news. I truly have to limit my browsing - it always ends up in purchases. 

And then something for me, because I just HAD to look in the Ladies section...

Just so you know the toddler clothes run big, I had to size down - but the shoes were true to size. When I pulled them out of the packaging Coco literally squealed in delight and started dancing. We're so alike.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And...I'm back!

Hmm. If you look at my last post you would think I forgot I had a blog...and I guess I kinda did. Here's the thing... for the last year I lost all inspiration to blog. The reason being, motherhood. I completely lost myself in being a mom - which is a perfectly acceptable thing to get lost in if you ask me.

The first year of being a mom felt like it kicked my ass (or bottom - if I'm talking around Coco). Here is the truth of it - I'm a pretty insecure person (I'm working on changing that) and being a mom magnified my insecurities. I constantly questioned how I was handling situations, absolutely certain that other moms were doing things better. Then something happened at the one year mark. I felt capable - really capable. I had survived the first year and much more importantly Coco survived!! This new found security has left me with time on my hands - time that was spent worrying (oh how I will do things differently the second time around). I miss my creative outlets and this blog is one of those outlets. I really love blogging. I love the story you capture. Sometimes life feels like it is slipping through my fingers - everything starts to move so fast. Chronicling my journey makes me feel like I can slow things down a bit. Once I have recorded a memory or experience it is there forever and I can always look back and remember when. Blogging my special moments makes the passing of them a little less bitter and a bit more sweet. So I'm getting back to it.

What do I see for this little blog? I really want to share my experiences with whoever has the desire to read about it. I want to share the things I, being a mom, fashion, food, etc. I want to tell you my story - although it is a bit heavy in places, actually really heavy - but maybe it will help someone? Maybe sharing it will help me. I want to use this blog for what I first intended it for - my notebook of inspiration. Now that I am a few years into my 30's - actually four...4!!! years into my 30's (what?? crazy!!) I am starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin - I'm beginning to really know who I am - what I like - what I want to strive's all becoming clear, FINALLY. Now I feel like I'm in a place where I can share - and I really want to.

Here we go, little notebook - I'm back.

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